Moving from SLC to Auburn, AL <episode 1> Slippery 491 road


I finished my six-day journey from Salt Lake City to Auburn, AL. Now, I am writing this at a small apartment in Auburn although I haven't finished unpacking my stuff. I can talk about my journey with a smile now, but my journey was not easy from very first day.

Because it had snowed a lot before we arrived there, the road between Utah and Colorado was very slippery. Even though I was driving very carefully, eventually slipped towards the right before we arrive at our destination. My car was going to the right shoulder of the road, so I steered to the left. Then, my car was heading towards other cars from the other side.  


Hurriedly I steered to the other side, and then my car spun towards the cars behind my car. After that, I lost control of myself and my car spun crazily. Finally my car showed triple turning on the road like the triple flip of Yuna Kim, a Korean figure skater, and descended into the snow.

Fortunately no one was injured, but I could have made a really big accident. I had joined AAA membership just to be sure, and it had been a great choice because I received towing service helpfully and very soon.

After towing, I drove about ten minutes. Suddenly a deer appeared in front of our car in this time. I couldn't steer to either side because I was afraid of the slippery road, and I tried to stop my car. However, it didn't work on the road like an ice rink.

Crossing the road, the deer found my car and stopped! It stared my car and did not move!  At last, the deer came up to the bonnet with a big sound and fell down to the right. Luckily the deer seemed not injured and ran away to the forest. Only my bonnet was a little dented. (Actually it was not a little, but I didn't know because it was dark.)

One American man had waited for us from the last accident and was going together. He stopped his car and laughed loudly. He said that he guaranteed that we would not forget that night. We couldn't go to our first destination, Mesa Verde, because the weather forecast said it would have snowed a lot at that time. Instead, we quickly headed to 'White Sands National Monument' in New Mexico which is warm.

I won't forget the 491 road between Moab, Utah and Cortez, Colorado as long as I live.


  • Favicon of BlogIcon Kaya 2010.01.06 17:12 ADDR 수정/삭제 답글

    It was really scary...

    • Favicon of BlogIcon Eunju Song 2010.01.07 09:40 수정/삭제

      Kaya!! (acturally I thought your name is Gaya;; sorry kkk anyway, I miss you!! how are you?ToT)

  • Favicon of BlogIcon Eunju Song 2010.01.07 09:39 ADDR 수정/삭제 답글

    Jinho!!! Wow Long time no See!!!!!!!! Nowadays I (almost) always think about you and Gaya! Can you belive me? I miss the moment your couple cared of me and gave good words. The colder this winter is in Korea, the more I miss you guys!

    This story makes me so nervous for thinking about the accident that might happen to you. But thanks god for your safety. You were really wise to choose the insurance! : ) Please, be careful and keep in touch with me!
    Love you guys, my friends- Jinho and Gaya!
    I am adding this blog and visiting often! ^^ Happy new year~!

    • Favicon of BlogIcon 레오 (Jinho) 2010.01.07 13:40 신고 수정/삭제

      Wow. Really? We talked about you once before we came to Auburn. I really want to know how you are doing. I heard that it snowed a lot in Korea. Watch your step when you go out, and be careful when you drive. I hope we keep in touch! Take care!

  • Bohyun 2010.01.08 00:29 ADDR 수정/삭제 답글

    I like you guys who don't lose energy when you are got in that situation..and overcome that situation! haha I expect ur story about ur new city~~~plz update often I will visit often too^^

    • Favicon of BlogIcon 레오 (Jinho) 2010.01.08 10:54 신고 수정/삭제

      Thank you, Bohyun. Kaya and I like you, too. You are one of best students who I met in SLC, and I learned a lot from you although you are much younger than me! I hope your study is going well in Korea, and hopefully see you again in the US. Take care!

  • Maurice 2010.01.08 06:03 ADDR 수정/삭제 답글

    It is so fortunate that no one was injuered, but it must have been one of the most scariest scene in your life!!

    I've never experienced one like that but can imagine how that would feel just a lil bit...

    oh. 안녕하세요. 반가워요 모리스라고 합니다.

    • Favicon of BlogIcon 레오 (Jinho) 2010.01.08 10:58 신고 수정/삭제

      Yes, I totally agree with you. It was one of my unforgettable(?) moments. Nice to meet you Maurice. Thank you for your comment. 이름이 멋지시군요. ^^